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Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Director of Clinical Training

Clinical Psychology Ph.D.

University of Kentucky, 2009

Clinical psychology internship

MUSC, 2008-2009


Office: 208 Psychology Building



Current and Past Courses

Psychology of Adjustment: PSYC 2313

Personality Pathology: Assessment and treatment: PSYC 2890

Assessment of Personality: PSYC 6753

Cognitive Assessment: PSYC 5153

Practicum Team Supervision: PSYC 6640

Principles of Behavior Therapy: PSYC 6083

Theories of Personality: PSYC 4333

History of Psychology: PSYC 4993


Dr. Sweatt’s research interests are focused on the conceptualization of personality pathology using general models of personality structure, bridging the basic science of general personality research to the clinical understanding of personality disorders.

Prior to the birth of her daughter, Dr. Sweatt was an avid Kentucky basketball fan and home baker. These leisure activities have since been replaced by drinking tea, reading about evidence-based parenting strategies, tending to houseplants, engaging in Pinterest fails, learning about the plants and birds in her backyard, and becoming familiar with Academic Twitter and Threads.

Dr. Sweatt will be reviewing prospective graduate student applications for Fall 2024.


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